Team walk #2 picks up the pace

Today we completed about 21km around the Ridgeway and Ashridge as a complete team for the first time. This was also the first training walk to feature some hills too. To add to the realism, we had a 10km checkpoint marked off to see what our speed was like over hilly terrain. The result? 2hrs 10mins, giving us a speed of 4.6km/hr. On the flatter sections we were hitting 5.2km/hr, which is pretty encouraging too.

Extrapolating that speed over the whole course and factoring in difficultly of each stage gives us a finish time of 25hrs, including average of 20 mins rest at each checkpoint.

Now that we now we have a good pace, we need to keep extending the walks to build up the stamina.

We all finished the day highly optimistic!

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» Jenni said: { Feb 12, 2008 - 11:02:14 }

Hello Four King Hell,

just found your blog through facebook’s trailwalker group. Wanted to say good luck for all the training – sounds like it’s starting well! Keep up the blogging, it’s good to see what others are trying :)

Happy training!

Best wishes, Jenni (Team Aching)