Team Walk #3 – 20 miles!

So far our training walks have never been further than 13 miles, but yesterday we pushed it a bit and went for 20 miles (32km) – almost one-third of the trailwalker distance.

The last few miles were hard, I think we all had blisters of some sort (damn you “1000 mile socks”!). The thought of doing the same circuit twice again seemed daunting.

On the plus side, we did it in 7.5 hours which is a good enough pace for the event and will improve with more training. Over the next few months we’ll do similar distances until it gets easier!

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» Sam said: { Mar 7, 2008 - 03:03:21 }

I never got on with 1000 mile socks either … try FALKE – I swear by them and thus own several pairs! They even tell you which foot to put them on with a cute ‘L’ and ‘R’ symbol!!

You can also get blister plasters – bit pricey but really do work.

Good luck with it all!