Team Walk #4 – 14 miles of mud

Well, not exactly a team walk, as Peter and Jo didn’t make it. Weather was pretty rotten but it was a good chance to check we could cope with rain and gales!

Andy picked a 15 mile route taking in hills around Butterfield and Barton-le-Clay on the outskirts of Luton. Here I am at the top of Warden Hill after 11 miles of nasty weather…

Warden Hill

We cut the walk a little short at the end, totalling 14.3 miles in 4hrs 45 mins, an excellent 3 mph pace for the conditions.

Andy coped well despite some worries over his achilles tendon. However. I think I’ve left it too long between this the last long walk I did, as I ached a lot this morning. Will have to do more, July is seeming closer and closer…!

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» Viv said: { Mar 25, 2008 - 06:03:50 }

Hello team Four King Hell. I’m trying to drum up some reciprocal linking to my team’s Trailwalker blog. We’re called “No sleep ’til Brighton” and you can find us here:

We’ve added you guys to our blog roll and we’re hoping you might link to us.

I particularly like your post about the sheep rescue. Keep up the good work.