Team walk #5 – Confidence is high!

On Sunday we repeated the 20 mile circuit we did for walk #3 as a full team. First time around, we all had some degree of injury, with Jo limping home with a blister the size of a space hopper.

This time we all fared much better – we romped home averaging 5km/hr with no real injuries at all! Jo was able to jog and jump up and down at the end!

We divided the route into 4 checkpoints of typical trailwalker length too, and had no stops between these checkpoints.  At the second checkpoint, I changed walking socks which seemed to be the perfect antidote to blisters – not a single one by the end!

Each of us found the going much easier than previous training walks and we’re starting to feel like we’re getting somewhere – next training walk will be on the night section of the South Downs hopefully….. onwards and upwards!

P.S. If you’re reading this and haven’t sponsored us yet, please do so if you can!

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» Matt Ketterling said: { Apr 29, 2008 - 02:04:52 }

oh, about the sock thing, screw socks, tape your blister-prone areas with cloth tape. Cloth-based tape sticks to skin well and will last the entire journey. If you guys want to try it I’ll bring some this weekend.