Solo training disaster

Been a while since I wrote an update…

Last week I bought myself some alternative lightweight walking shoes, figuring I might wear them for the first half of the walk and switch to boots as night falls.

Wanting to give them a good try out we drove out to Clophill about 15 miles away. We had pub lunch, then Sarah and the kids drove back home while I walked home via footpaths and bridleways.

As I was also eager to try out a new polarizing filter I’d got for my camera, I didn’t carry my usual rucksack with first aid stuff in it. Oh no. Just my camera bag with a few drinks.

So….. new untried shoes? check! No first aid for blisters? check!

I started getting blisters on my heels after about 3 miles. After 6 miles the one on my right foot was getting pretty large. As I walked past RAF Henlow it became too painful to walk as I’d pretty much torn off most of the top layer of my heel.

I had to a phone home for a medical evacuation after 8.5 miles :)

It was pretty sobering that I could be brought to a standstill like that, I’ll be making sure the team treats blisters at the earliest opportunity as a result!

Still, I did get some nice pictures of bees.

(EDIT: Full recovered now!)