Jo Forced to Quit Team in Wii Fit Disaster!

We’ve lost another team member to a comedy accident – Jo was so eager to place an order for the rare Wii-Fit game that she fell down the stairs did herself a mischief. Enough irony there for an Eiffely Towery :)

As she’s unable to train and unlikely to heal in time for the walk, she has to bow out. Such a shame at this late stage, but  she will be joining Sarah on our support crew! If you’re were thinking of sponsoring Jo, please still do so as she’s been training since January for this!

Thankfully, we do have a spare – our “fifth wheel” Alex is now officially on the team, and she’ll have a sponsorship page up shortly… (edit: here it is!)

Only two weeks to go now, let’s hope the team stays intact!