60 hours to go…

Thanks to a late surge from Alex and Pete, we’ve stormed past £2000 in online donations – including offline donations we’re now at about £2260 which is way beyond what we thought we’d manage. Sincere thanks for everyone who has sponsored us, it’s really appreciated!

With 60 hours to go now I’m actually rather excited and can’t wait for it to begin. I’m feeling really fit, training has gone well and we know we can get to 30 miles without too much worry. Beyond that distance is the great unknown – but it will probably feature pain, shouting, screaming, blood, fighting, acrimony, reconciliation, cameraderie, more pain, extra screaming, and a sprint finish.

Bring it on!

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» Paul Smith said: { Jul 17, 2008 - 04:07:28 }

I’ve done a few long walks and ‘big walks’ (Ben Nevis, 10 miles on top of the 4,400ft up and 4,400ft down) as well as cycling London to Brighton in 2002. My advice for that ‘unknown’ second half is this:

Break it into chunks. Smaller goals are more achievable and reward yourself for every few miles. Sweets have the right psychological qualities, as well as a big sugar boost for limited weight.

At the mid-way point, close your eyes and turn around a couple of times, imagining that you’re going to be walking back. The power of ‘we’ve turned around and we’re going back now’ is pretty powerful, which is why a walk back from a cache feels shorter than the walk to it, or quicker, or downhill.

Plan how you’ll cross the finish line as you walk. Visualise it. You’re cheering, there are photographers, you look fabulous. Or you do it as a conga-line, or a human pyramid… The dafter the better. Talk about your mental picture- it’ll lift spirits and keep you focused on finishing.

Good luck again and I hope you all have a hot bath planned for the end. Just not all together (although a trip like this can breakdown barriers!) 😀