Sooooo close

I’m coming to the realization that the walk is just around the corner, mainly because IT IS just around the corner!  We’ve spent months training and talking about this walk in general conversations but now that I’m packing my odds ‘n’ ends, I’m trying to fill in the gaps…  What will I REALLY need on the walk?  Will I get a blister at mile 33?  Will my knees start hurting around mile 39?  Will I make it to mile 62?  It’s a big black box really.  I’ve spent years avidly walking, hiking and climbing, something that should have prepared me for this walk long ago but I’ve never exceeded much more than 32 miles in one stretch, who needs too?  >30 miles exceeds the ‘recreational’ range.  Only 30 miles to go!
I’ve accepted 2 things in my 30 mile ‘black box’:
1.  It’s going to be painful, very painful.

2. This half is the mental game.

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» phil said: { Jul 17, 2008 - 07:07:26 }

Good luck for your long journey.When your tired and it gets painfull never think you can`t finish.All will be worth it when you cross the finish line.
The only advise from my three avents is stage one to two is probably where you will get most damage to your feet because of very uneven rocky ground.Take your time here to preserve your feet and you gain overall.