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The thick red line  shows our route, and you can zoom out to see the whole route by clicking the “View Route” button. Click the little walker icons to view each status update. We expect to be walking from 8:30 Saturday until around 11:00 Sunday.

Sun 20 Jul 12:47
Elapsed time: 28hrs 17 mins
happy Paul. thankyou so much to all of you for your messages, we will now collapse!

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Sun 20 Jul 12:45
Elapsed time: 28hrs 15 mins
happy pete

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Sun 20 Jul 12:44
Elapsed time: 28hrs 14 mins
happy alex

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Sun 20 Jul 12:42
Elapsed time: 28hrs 12 mins
happy matt

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Sun 20 Jul 12:36
Elapsed time: 28hrs 06 mins
it’s all over! team took 28 hours , and Paul got a medal too

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