Meet the Team

Here’s our intrepid team! If you can afford to sponsor us, we would very much appreciate it – we’re aiming to raise £1500 for Oxfam. Click any of the sponsorship links below (it doesn’t really matter which one, it’s a team effort!)

Paul Dixon – “King Owfar”

This was all Paul’s idea, and he is cheerily optimistic of success. Maybe there’s some Gurkha in his Yorkshire blood?

Sponsor Paul Dixon here

Peter Shorey “King Neeherts”

There’s going to be low points on an endurance walk like this. As long as his knee holds out, we won’t be short of comedy moments to raise our spirits.

Sponsor Peter Shorey here

Alexandra Milsom “King Welsh”

When Jo had to pull out in the final weeks of training, Alex bravely stepped up. It’s no small feat to get prepared for a walk like this so quickly, so please dig deep and sponsor her!

Sponsor Alexandra Milsom here

Matt Ketterling “King Yank”

Matt bravely stepped into the team when Andy Welch had to drop out due to injury in May. Matt is an experienced walker and climber and will probably find this a walk in the park…

Sponsor Matt Ketterling here

Our valiant support crew!

Joanne Walker “King Stairs”

Jo trained all year, only to be rendered a cripple in a comedy falling-down-stairs accident. Jo joins our support team, and together with Paul’s other half, Sarah, will be supporting the team from 8am until midnight, and will be resurfacing at checkpoint 10 for 7:30am with bacon butties for all we hope! You can still sponsor Jo for all the effort she put into training since January – sponsor Joanne Walker here

Andy Welch “King Achilles”

Andy trained with us until May when it became clear a long standing injury wasn’t healing properly and he had to pull out. Andy is on our support crew covering the night shift from midnight until 7am, aided by his better half Kerrie. Again, you can still sponsor Andy Welch here